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Pueblo Classic or Antique Car Coverage


If you are looking for classic or antique car insurance in Pueblo, you should already know that coverage on an antique vehicle is different from that of a regular car or truck. Because it is so different, it’s often hard to find an insurance company that will provide appropriate coverage for your classic car. At Pueblo Insurance, we can generally place your classic car with Safeco Insurance, Hagerty Insurance or American Modern. However, there are steps that you can take to help us find the right insurance policy for you.

Finding Classic Car Insurance

Before requesting a classic car insurance quote, you should look up and know about your antique car or truck’s value. Hiring a professional appraiser will help justify the value placed on the car. Don’t forget to present the appraiser with any restoration receipts you have received for labor and parts. Once you have your classic car appraised and know its worth, give Pueblo Insurance a call or send an email requesting a classic car insurance quote from the several insurance companies we represent in Pueblo.  

Other Things to Consider

A classic car is unlike any other vehicle on the road. As a classic car ages it becomes more valuable. While other vehicles depreciate in value, the value of an antique or classic car continues to rise. That’s why it is important to find a car insurance policy that protects the full value of your car. If you receive quotes from other agencies, check to make sure the policy offers to cover the “agreed value” of the car. When a car is totaled or stolen, a standard car insurance policy entitles the owner to the car’s actual cash value (including depreciation) at the time of losing the vehicle. Because classic cars increase their value with age, it is important to have insurance coverage that will pay the increased value. Ask for a policy that provides automatic appreciation in value or if you don’t have an automatic appreciation policy, make sure the car’s value is appraised each year.

Some Restrictions Apply

Our agents will need to inspect the vehicle inside and out. Take photos from all sides, inside and out including photos of the trunk, engine compartment, operational equipment and see that the vehicle operates as intended and inspect the storage where the vehicle is kept.

Almost all insurance companies will require that you meet certain stipulations before they allow you to sign for and receive an insurance policy with them through our agency. There are various restrictions that insurance can apply when insuring a classic car. Some of these restrictions generally include:

  • That the driver has a clean driving record and at least ten years driving experience.
  • There must not be any teen drivers or drivers with poor driving records on the policy.
  • It is recommended that the driver be over the age of 25.
  • The driver must provide proof that they have a secure, weather proof garage and another vehicle for daily transportation.

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